Sonos speakers close to Hue lights or Hub

  • 28 February 2017
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Does anyone know (not guess) if having a sonos speaker right beside or in some cases underneigth (less then 1 foot in all 3 cases) things like a A) Phillips HUE bulb/GO 😎 Phillips HUE Hub and C) an Ecobee remote sensor would create wireless interference?

In all three cases although they can be seperated it is tricky for those locations.

I do have dropouts in mid song and errors with wireless buffering. I have been told by support that I do have wireless interference in my house as I have 19 Sonos units and about 40 HUE lifts as well as ecobee + 4 sensors and an August smart lock.

I have all my Sonos on 1 channel and all my HUE on another with my router on the 3rd (1,6,11) and have changed them with no real improvement.

I was wondering if the speaker placement of sonos speakers with another wireless product like the ecobee or HUE would be directly worsening the interference even if other channels.

Many thanks in advance

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3 replies

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Anyone able to help with this...?
I do have hue lights as well as Sonos gear throughout our house. Some of the lights and also the hub are less than 2 feet away from a Sonos speaker. I do not have any problems. I ran my Sonos setup for quite a while on my WiFi (wireless) but changed back to "Sonosnet" with wiring 2 of my speakers directly over the LAN to the router. It seems to be a bit more stable.
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Thanks for the reply-it's a bit of a challenge balancing all the HUE wireless chatter and the sonos chatter without dropouts