Sonos Roam usage and charging

  • 23 January 2022
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I have two questions  regarding my Sonos Roam which I hope somebody can help me with.


  1. Can I place my Sonos Roam in the bathroom? Will it be destroyed due to steam/moist from shower?
  2. Can I wirelessly charge my Sonos Roam on an ordinary QI charger (like what I use for my iPhone) or do I have to buy the special Sonos charger if I want it wirelessly

br, Alexander


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The Roam’s ingress protection rating is IP67 so it will be fine in the moist atmosphere of a bathroom/shower room.

The Qi charger needs to be certified and output a power rating of 5w or higher. Most ‘quality’ fast Qi chargers should work okay.. but as with everything there are some exceptions, but just try it and see. Note at a 5w charge rate you are looking around 5 hours, or more, to charge the speaker fully, whereas the USB-C port will charge it at a much faster rate.