sonos ray with ikea symfonisk

  • 15 June 2022
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Is it possible to pair the sonos ray tv speaker with ikea symfonisk picture frame ?


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3 replies

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What do you want to achieve with this? There are multiple forms of connecting Sonos speakers together for different aims.

You could “group” the picture frame with the Ray. That would result in a 75ms delay on the picture frame when watching TV though. If you want to “bond” the picture frame as surround speaker, you need two of them - you can't add only one surround speaker tot the Ray “room". For stereo pairing you would also need two picture frames - you can't stereo “pair” two different speakers.

Thanks , I was looking to use the picture speakers as a surround speakers. I do have two picture speakers. Will there be a delay of that 75ms still? I am planning to get ray or beam gen 2, so wanted to know whether I can use the symfonisk as surround system before buying it. Here can I find this info of bond vs group or the setup steps. Is it possible to know whether someone has done this setup ? Or should I be buying the surround set ? Which one will be better? 

You can bond a pair of symfonisk frame speakers as surrounds with the Ray, Beam, Arc, or Amp, and the speakers with be perfect sync.  No 75 ms delay.  Those speaker should work just fine for surround sound duty.

During setup, you will first set up your Ray (or whatever you use for front speakers).  After that’s setup you’ll be asked (maybe, don’t recall) if you want to add surrounds, or you can add surrounds just by going into the configuration/setup for your Ray and selecting to add surround speakers..