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Why would I want to buy any Sonos products, if the app doesn’t work for your products? Or is that you don’t care? 

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If I was not deep into the Sonos ecosystem, I would probably pass on diving in right now. 

Fortunately for me, I have not had any of the connection issues other users have experienced since the update. I am simply experiencing the inconvenience of some missing functions.

I did purchase a used Five recently because I simply could not pass on the price. When it arrived, I did a factory reset and the app found the speaker as soon as it booted. I added it to my system and did a firmware update. The Five is working great in my home.

So, would I continue to purchase Sonos products? Yes I will. 

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I refrain from buying new sonos products. I m also thinking of selling my stuff. If they are able to be so careless and publish a pre beta app, what is next?!

I guess paid subscriptions.

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It’s been like a month since they released this update & still hasn’t fixed it to even begin to be usable (seriously i can’t even add a playlist for my speakers to play, it doesn’t connect at all & I can’t switch systems or ańythung no there isn’t anything wrong with my WiFi etc). And this was the last straw because Sonos became sloppy with the app & functionality a while back. Instead of making sure the products work properly they seem to want flashy big changes & I wouldn’t recommend sonos to anyone right now. Quite the opposite I actually discourage people from buying at least wait to see how they deal with this catastrophic app … soon. 

They’ve promised to fix things (well most missing features) by the end of June. Just wait a few weeks and assess things then. Be sure to give 1 star reviews. Hopefully they never do this again. But let’s be honest if the competition was much more compelling many would jump ship instead of just talking about it. 

If nothing is working for you right now, you could try SonoPhone on iOS or roll back to 16.1 on Android. 


I purchased my first Sonos Beam GEN 2 over a year ago and all went well. I added a sub mini soon after and that impress me to the point of wanting to get the arc, but was somewhat hesitant because of all the reviews of the app. When they had a great sale on the arc, I went ahead and purchased it and was somewhat concerned, but after receiving it and setting it up without any issues along with the subwoofer all went extremely well.   I think the manufacturer can improve greatly on the app to simplify things for older adults, but I had no problems thank goodness. 

hope all gets sorted out for the rest of you