Sonos Play 1 & Roku 1

  • 8 April 2017
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How would I go about connecting my sonos play 1 and roku 1? I'm not using a smart tv but since both devices are using wifi I was wondering how I would be able to use the sonos to play sound

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3 replies

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No, that is not how it works and Sonos is not planning on changing it. Maybe with a third party software you may be able to do something like you want?

The following are not supported by Sonos

Apple Airplay
Sonos does not work with Airplay. But like a lot of things there are work arounds. You can plug an Airport Express in to a Play:5, Connect and a Connect:Amp and use the audio input. There is a program called SonosAir not supported or made by Sonos (Google it). It can also be used to play Youtube or anything on the computer you are running it on.

Play anything from you computer to Sonos

Sonos does not work with Bluetooth. But there is a work around by plugging in a Bluetooth transmitter to a Play:5, Connect and Connect:Amp audio input.

Sonos Voice
Use your speakers as an intercom.



I use a Google Chromcast on my TV and cast from the computer to Chromecast and than to the PlayBar. So I can watch and listen to Youtube.

Check out SonosPad at the Apple Store.
A non Sonos control app.

Ipad/ Iphone app

Apple watch control of Sonos


Stream what you hear (windows only)

There my be others as well
Thank you. Although that's not how Sonos works now, couldn't one hypothetically make it work? The reason the 2x Play1s works with Roku 1 is simply because of the configuration capabilities within. It's software isn't it?
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Hi kennya385

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I sorry but you cannot connect the Play1 in that way that is not how Sonos works. Sonos is a system and you have one piece of it. If you had a Sonos PlayBar/PlayBase you could connect 2x Play1s and then connect the roku to the TV. Each Sonos product is designed to do a certain thing and work together as a system. Not all of the Sonos speakers do everything.

Hope this helps