SonoS Play:1 Pair not playing syncronous rather drifts into more and more echoing (Paired as stereo pair)

  • 24 June 2015
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My new set of Play:1's cannot stay syncronized .... (Paired as stereo pair)

First of all I posted a comment here at this thread yesterday:

Secondly: I tried changing the wifi channel (1, 6, and 11), factory reset and rebooting them individually. Nothing works. The Play:1's keep drifting into echoing after about 120 seconds of stereo paired playing. Is there anything I can do apart from all the above that was tried out to get my set of Play:1's to play in proper stereo without echoing i.e. playing syncronized? I would really appreciate a support response to this.

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5 replies

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Not much else for you to try, our technicians will need to test a few things using their troubleshooting tools. Your reference number is 150626-000398. Please call us when at your system to proceed. It is appreciated if you have a computer available in case they need to remote assist.
I have the same problem, can someone from SONOS contact me to try ti find a solution. I keep having to unfair them and then re-pair to get rid of out-of-sync issues
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Next time they go out of sync submit a diagnostic and then phone Sonos with the number
They are pretty good
Same issue. Please contact me or tell me how.
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If you have Play:1s stereo paired and they are not in sync then call Sonos - a chip inside may have gone bad.

Now - I assume (sorry but I have seen this some) that your not trying to play a radio station on 2 different speakers by starting the station on each instead of having them grouped. I have seen where a person started a station on one then went to the other and started the station and assume they would be in sync. Have to be grouped or paired to be in sync.