SONOS - Outdoor Speakers?

Is SONOS considering creating any outdoor waterproof speakers in the near future? It seems crazy not to have them so you can use the SONOS system indoors as well as outside!

Best answer by melvimbe 22 May 2018, 20:08

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Sonos has made no announcements about such a device. However, you can take your sonos speakers outside on temporary basis if need be. Alternatively, you use a connect:amp (or connect + separate amp) to power standard outdoor speakers.

I think part of the issue is that if you're going to place them outdoors in a permanent fashion, it's usually easier to lay speaker wire then it is to lay power lines to the appropriate speaker locations. If you would prefer to have something on battery and portable, the Bluetooth speaker market is already flooded. Then there is the problem that most people don't have good wifi outdoors.
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Good answer, melvimbe.

I'll pass along the request to the development team for you tjay, but I don't have any specifics one way or the other I can share. Thanks for asking!
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It would be great to have a portable option that run off battery to move around and place where an outlet is not convenient. Seems to be a lot of interest for suvh a device, though maybe Airplay 2 will negate this gap?
You can get large batteries that will power AC appliances at 110V. Of course you still have to be in wifi range.

I'm not following how airplay2 can 'negate the gap'.
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need 220 or 240v in Europe. But an integrated solution would be far more elegant than an ugly power pack. Competitors are offering that solution so I can’t see why Sonos can’t do it without too much trouble. I bet they’d sell like hot cakes.
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A more robust version of something like this?
I have a battery similar to Stanley's for an echo dot. It works well. It's important to note that the dot operates on 12V, not 110 or 220. Also, the battery's aren't made by Amazon, they are all third party.

I see that bluesound has a battery pack for it's speaker...but bluesound also doubles as Bluetooth speaker. That product makes more sense to be mobile.

I agree that an integrated power pack would be nice, I'm not just too surprised that such a product doesn't exist consider the nature of the play:1 and Sonos:1.
Melvimbe, if I recall correctly, there was a kickstarter for such a battery pack. It didn’t get enough support to move to production.
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Here is a 110 volt option I ran across. Love the URL...

Just too much in the way of other / cheaper options for folks that want to take their Sonos portable for it to make sense for Sonos to build a dedicated portable speaker or power adapter.
Yep this is the kind of product I was looking at. I haven't looked at the power needs of the play:1 or Sonos One, so I have no idea if it's overkill or not. I do know that extension cords are a lot cheaper.
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It probably has plenty of peak power for a Sonos speaker with 100 watts but that is just half the problem, how long it can provide tha power is the other. You'd have to measure the power use of your speaker playing at the volume levels you expect and match that up to a power supply with both enough watts and amp hours of battery to fit your needs.
I would love for SONOS to come out with outdoor speakers. I understand that it may be easier to run speaker wire than to run electrical power to each, but I think that is a decision left up to the consumer. I personally have more than enough outlets in my surround to run many speakers and also have exceptional boost capability with my wi-fi. Again, I think it is a decision for each consumer to make. Please consider.