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  • 5 October 2017
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Hey there,

Looking for a bit of info regarding the new Sonos ONE with Alexa. I currently have my Sonos PLAY 1's mounted on brackets in the corners of my living room for surround sound. Will the Sonos ONE be able to mount on the same wall bracket or will there be a different way to mount it?

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36 replies

i have the Sonos one and the only bracket that will fit is the one Sonos is selling on their website. The screw hole thet you use with your Play:1 is now an on off switch that Alexa uses. You can DIY something but it won't look pretty.
Removing the mounting hole is a deeply cynical move by Sonos. The new button could have been sited anywhere. This sort of goalpost-moving we’ve come to expect from Apple: I’d hoped Sonos were above that but clearly not. What next? - sorry guys, firmware update: you’ll all need to replace your Subs?
We have to assume that they're well aware of the concern, and if there was the space inside the speaker to allow leaving it, they would have. I don't think there's any "cynicism" involved, it was purely an issue of space.

And this concern doesn't require any replacement of any speakers, so far, Sonos has been quite steadfast in their continues support of older models that aren't sold any more, such as the ZP series.

I don't quite understand your contention that the next firmware update would cause a replacement to the SUB. All we're talking about here is a mount, which Sonos doesn't make. Not a speaker, which Sonos does make. The release of the Sonos One doesn't cause any prior speakers to need replacement.
Looking for advice, we want to put our speakers on the wall. How do you arrange the wiring? I’d prefer not to have a socket behind each speaker if possible. The room isn’t plastered yet so ideas welcome.
You've negated my response in your question. The best way is to put a socket near/behind each speaker. Then you won't have a power cable running down the wall. I had new sockets installed in my existing drywall, just for that reason.
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Just added a One to my collection and wanted to mount it on a narrow wall between a window and a mirror. It's in a place where having Alexa would be handy. But no reasonably priced wall mounts. Bad Sonos! One screw hole? You couldn't give us one screw hole to mount this thing on a wall?

I found an acceptable solution with this one-foot-wide tempered glass shelf. You can find it on Amazon for $11 bucks! (Or search for: Shelf-Made KT-0134-812SN Curved Glass Shelf Kit, Satin Nickel, 8-Inch by 12-Inch)

My guess is that the electronics packed inside the case don't allow for a mounting screw, otherwise they'd have left it there. and not have had to retool the back part, and instead reuse the PLAY:1s backplate.
My guess is that the electronics packed inside the case don't allow for a mounting screw, otherwise they'd have left it there. and not have had to retool the back part, and instead reuse the PLAY:1s backplate.

Looking at both of these iFixit teardowns, they could have easily moved the Alexa mic button up about 1 inch, or put somewhere else on the Play One to allow for them to keep the same 1/4" mounting hole. The power delivery and motherboard of both the Play 1 and Play One (horrifically terrible naming scheme aside) appear to be the same, so it wouldn't have been impossible.

I suspect it was removed because someone did a survey somewhere down the line and found out that "less than 18.7777% of Sonos Play 1 owners use the rear mounting hole, so let's remove it to pad our profit margins!" To be clear, I'm still looking to buy a pair of Play One speakers for my back deck, as Sonos still has the best implementation of a whole-home speaker solution, but they really could have done better for their customers with this one.
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I bought the Flexson mounts for my Sonos Ones.. couldn't be happier
Just got my Sonos one. Immediately disappointed. 2 things. No mount! WTF! I use stands and I have to buy new! Second is the color difference with the existing Play 1. What were they thinking? Now my stereo pair is mismatched. Dumb, just dumb. Same thing happened to me, I had play:1 and got One because of the airplay features. I liked to have them mounted on a bracket which had it looking like floating on the wall, now I have to buy new brackets which look like a shelf on the wall ! /:(