Sonos on an Office Network

  • 20 December 2016
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I work in an office with one server and several switches plus a wi-fi that goes throughout the building. It seems that I can't setup Sonos on our office Wi-Fi as it requires a username/password configuration in order to logon. I don't think we have a router either. How do I set up Sonos? Can I just plug a Boost into a spare port in a switch? I don't know much about servers so please explain in layman's terms. Thanks for all your help/

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3 replies

PS Is it possible to plug a Sonos Boost into a network port?
You can wire one or more Sonos units to the network. However you must first make sure that the WiFi and wired segments aren't on different IP subnets, otherwise wireless devices (iOS/Android) won't be able to control the Sonos. Sonos PC/Mac controllers should however work okay, assuming the computer's wired.

If "IP subnet" sounds like Greek to you, ask the IT guys.
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It's also possible that, depending on the switches in use, just plugging in a Sonos device to an office switch could trigger a certain function designed to prevent certain kinds of network devices (specifically, bridges) from connecting to the network. Sonos devices act as bridges since they combine both wired and wireless networks. Speaking with one of the IT guys at your work might be a good idea before connecting anything Sonos to the network.