Sonos Move Stereo Pair worth it?

  • 14 January 2020
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So currently I already have a Sonos Move and it sounds amazing! But I'm wondering if I should buy another Move to make a stereo pair, is it actually worth another 400$?

So I have 3 options for this situation:

1) I could buy another Move and use for different rooms when I don't need it. And whenever I have a party I can stereo pair them together. That would cost around 400$ more.

2) Because the current sonos move is still refundable, I can refund this one and then I could buy 2 Xtreme 2, which have comparable sounds. The Xtreme 2 is a little lighter, not as smart. That would cost around 600 - 400 = 200$

3) Or if it's not worth it then I'll just keep the 1 sonos move.

Please let me know your opinion about this. Thank you! 

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26 replies

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I bought another move- It sounds great in Stereo ( Wifi only- I haven’t even tried BT)

It sounds great outdoors

Go for it, it does cost as much a pair of Play 5’s , and I don’t have a pair of those, but I can vouch for a pair of Moves, the sound is crystal clear, I am hearing instruments I never heard before, the bass is great and this is all outdoors, to boot, I wonder how indoors will sound?