Sonos doesn't like Eero?

  • 26 March 2016
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I just replaced my ASUS router with an Eero mesh network. On the "base" Eero, I plugged in a switch that is used to enable my in-wall ethernet network.

I have another switch in a different room where I have other devices hardwired to my network. On that switch is a BOOST. That's the only Sonos product hardwired to my network.

When I enabled the Eero mesh network, the Sonos network went dark. I power cycled that switch and the BOOST was able to be added to the iOS controller. I was resigned to adding all my zones one by one again. Unfortunately, they're not wanting to be added.

Literally the only physical change to my network was the Eero router(s). I did not change the network configuration at all (i.e. same SSID, etc.).

Anyone know what might be happening?

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6 replies

According to
we use two channels: 2.4 GHz uses channel 1 at a 40 Mhz width, and 5.2 GHz uses channel 36 at an 80 MHz width.

That's likely to mess things up for SonosNet unless you move Sonos to channel 11.
Ok, that did it. I skimmed that earlier and shrugged it off as a playback issue not a setup issue. I figured with a fully formed Sonos setup that the Sonos network would keep itself internally defined and was surprised that it wouldn't show up at all in the controller.

I'm not sure what you mean by "internally defined". SonosNet uses a 2.4GHz channel like WiFi. It picks the best it can at setup time, but doesn't dynamicaly autoselect thereafter.

I have an eero and 3 sonos speakers and they keep dropping off. I do not have them set up as part of SonosNet and cannot play around with changing of the channels. Everyone here seems to have them as part of SonosNet and that's what the answers are based on. What can I do if my sonos speakers are connected directly to wifi?

Many thanks.
What can I do if my sonos speakers are connected directly to wifi?
Submit a system diagnostic and post the number. Sonos Support can take a look.
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I have SONOSNET and using the EERO in auto NOT bridge mode. The boost pulls the IP from the main EERO. It works generally although I do seem to have some grouping issues from time to time. This could be my android wifi connection to the EERO which seems a little unstable. Also I've had my stream stop playing but that could be the station / my internet connection in general. Hard to tell without fully getting into it..