Sonos cuts out when I'm close to a speaker

So I have a beam with x2 One SLs connected to the TV for surround & WiFi for multi room where I have other One's around the house. All are fine except when I'm near the One sl's (around 2ft) in the living room that are linked to the beam where they start cutting out & in like interference. Anyone else experiencing this issue? 


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No, I’m not seeing the same issue, but bonded HT surrounds link directly over 5Ghz ad-hoc wireless connection to the Home Theatre master player, so my thoughts are to first try simply rebooting the Beam and see if that perhaps resolves their connection issue.

Humans are basically just bags of water and water very effectively absorbs 5GHz energy. As a water bag approaches the speaker it evidently reduces the signal to the point where there is trouble.

There could also be another contributor to this drama. If there is a lot of interference in the area and, since interference varies in three dimensions, your body could be blocking the useful portion of the 5GHz energy, leaving only the trash and the speakers can’t productively deal with the trash. Are there any other WiFi devices near BEAM or the surrounds? Moving a speaker a few inches may change the situation.

You can submit a Diagnostic and post the confirmation number here or follow up with SONOS support. SONOS staff can comment on communication issues. Do this immediately after one of your issues.