smart tv w bluetooth

  • 20 November 2016
  • 10 replies

I have a new Samsung smart tv with bluetooth. When I search from the TV , my SONOS 5 is not found. Is there a way to connect to SONOS from bluetooth smart tvs?

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10 replies

Last night when I tried using the one available (not labeled) potential input for the Gen2, I could not get the 3.5 plug to fit all the way into the hole. I gave up and used my older Play5 which worked easily. I just went downstairs to try the new one again. It appears I was too hasty to abandon the attempt. Thank you for the correction.
the newer Play5 does not have a line-in
It does actually. The Gen2 dropped the headphone outlet from the Gen1, not the Line-In.
Solution works! I picked up a bluetooth receiver at BestBuy for $30. Put it into the line-in on my pre-2016 Play5 (the newer Play5 does not have a line-in!). I grouped both Play5s together after pairing the 1st with the TV's bluetooth. I now have Movie Theater sound. The two 5s on either side of the screen, set about 3 feet off to the side, sound absolutely terrific. The one issue I do have is the dialogue. The soundtracks, crashes, booms, etc. are real. The dialogue sounds too soft - sometimes hard to make out. I need to turn up the volume during dialogue only, then turn it down during non-dialogue moments or I'll lose hearing in both ears.
Thanks John. I'll follow up on the BT question and report back when i have something working well.
So, the line in is at the P5 end. Gotcha. Now, what would be a good BT receiver? Thanks.
Correct - Sonos does not have BT built in so only route is to add a receiver to a Sonos device with a line in. I don't know any more than you which specific receiver would be best as I don't use Bluetooth. You should check what BT protocols the TV is capable of sending - I have seen reference to superior forms of BT such as A2DP and apt x lossless. I think Google is your friend here - this is not something I know much about.
So, the line in is at the P5 end. Gotcha. Now, what would be a good BT receiver? Thanks.
The TV can send the BT signal but something has to receive it.
Sorry for the confusion. The Playbar is upstairs on a different TV & dual Play 3s. The Play 5 is downstairs on the new TV w Bluetooth. No Playbar there. Why would I add BT to line in if the TV already has BT?
Not a small BT lag either, unless you're using aptX Low Latency. And, yes, why ask about BT when you list a PLAYBAR on your profile?
Yes. Looks like you have a Play:5 so you could put a BT receiver in the line in. The sound will then be playable on any of your Sonos speakers. There will be a small audio lag.

But if you already have a Playbar I can't see any point in doing this, as you can already listen to your TV audio through any speaker.