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  • 4 January 2014
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Anyone else thinking up of a bunch of uses of a smaller, less-expensive Sub? Especially zones with in-ceiling speakers or a modest Playbar setup. Nothing drastically different on overall design, just smaller and costing $500...

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15 replies

Great idea, I have been holding off buying the sub to go with my Playbar and 2 Play:1, I would buy SUB:1 in a heart beat !
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This has been going for a while but would like to add my support. Two play3's make a great sounding stereo pair. A Sub of a similar size would really enhance them. There are plenty of great sounding subs of this size on PC 2.1 systems so it must be possible in this package size.
especially in a small room it's a great idea. the SUB they have now is expensive and overkill for a small bedroom or office. give us a mini.
@JorgeBalogh: @SonosSupport I have a suggestion! A smaller #SUB maybe called #SUB:1 for smaller rooms! Perfect to integrated with a pair of PLAY:1
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I want to add my support. I can easily afford a Sub, but I would like a smaller one, there is no space for the big one. A SUB1 would be bought tomorrow.
I could not agree anymore the sub one is a phenomenal idea and I think almost every Sonos user would purchase it if they do not have the regular sub right now.
I have 2 big subs right now and would buy 2 small subs for the play 1's today if they were as good.
I also would like to have a smaller "Sub:1" for use with a Play:1 stereo pair.
Yes please! One that can also be used to pair with a Play:5! 🙂
A Play5 has decent bass on its own... doubt if you would get much more without going to a full size sub.
I have two Play:5's. I do want a mini-sub! 😉 and ofcourse it would add bass. I have a Minirig Sub (portable) and that works perfectly for portable use.
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I'd add my vote for a Sub:1. I don't want to spend £599 on a sub just to improve the (noticeably lacking) bass response on my Playbar. The current Sub is overkill. I'd happily spend £300 on a sub half the size.
+1 For a smaller sub. The current sub is overkill when the setup is beam+2xone for surround sound. Something smaller, cheaper, less powerful and more easily placed would be ideal.
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And designed so kids and cats can't drop stuff inside!