Replacing my 2.0 music system with Play3s or Play5s?

  • 29 October 2016
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I've decided to replace my expensive ($5000) 2.0 stereo system with a Sonos system in my music listening room. It is a 15' x 15' living room.
I already have a pair of Plays1, and a Connect, for music in the kitchen area. I love the Sonos system.

Anyway, due to budget reasons, I was thinking of a pair of Play3s + the sub or ... a pair of Play5s.

I don't play super loud. I'm more interested in the sound quality.

What do you think? Are the Play5s that much better for mids and highs than the Play3?

I'm open to all recommendations.


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11 replies

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Why not move the connect to your stereo system?
Because the Sub does a lot to eliminate differences between the 3 and the 1, a better set of alternatives is:
1. Play 1 pair + Sub
2. Play 5 pair.
Ideally, try out both and then decide.

On their own the 5 units are easily better than both 3 and 1.
I have already been using my Connect hooked up to my stereo system. I want to simplify my setup and declutter.
Also I see a lot of money tied up in my system that I could use elsewhere.
Either of the two alternatives I have suggested will meet your financial objectives without much loss of listening pleasure; indeed, depending on what exactly your present system consists of, that may even be with no loss of listening pleasure.
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In that case Kumar has it covered.
I would be tempted to try pair PLAY:5s first, you already know what a pair of PLAY1's sound like.
OK, I'm going to go try some Play5s this weekend.
Between the PLAY:5 and the :3? No contest. The PLAY:5 Gen2 has a bell-like clarity in the midrange and a pretty tidy top end too. Even without a SUB its bass extension is uncanny, good to around 40Hz.

Giles Martin (son of the late, great Beatles producer) evidently had a lot of input into the design. See for example.

Bond a stereo pair, oriented vertically. Be sure to go through the Trueplay room correction procedure to get the best out of them. If necessary borrow an iPhone or just cough up for a basic 6th gen iPod Touch.
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If replacing a wired system with Sonos I would absolutely go 2 Play:5s in stereo
Another option I am considering is replacing my Connect with a Connect:Amp and driving a pair of passives with that.
My main goal is to simplify my rig, save some $$, reduce cable clutter and number of boxes. I want my gear to disappear from view in the living room as much as possible. Still have to go audition a pair of Play5s.
The Connect Amp is now obsolete; the play units + Sub represent state of the art today, that employs an amp dedicated to each driver, active crossovers, and extensive use of DSP, including things like Trueplay.

The only reason to use it, IMO, is where passive speakers are in the home and must be used, and with external weatherproof speakers/ceiling speakers.

And of course, play units go further than it in box reduction, and provided main sockets are close by where needed, in reducing cable clutter.
Got the Play5s running now. Sound nice. I haven't done Trueplay yet.
That's next.
Sold my stereo amp yesterday too.
: )