Positioning of Play:1

  • 4 November 2016
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I was wondering how directional the sound from the Play:1 is?
If I place it on a bookshelf which is against a common wall to my neighbour (in an apartment block), will he get much noise from it if I was to turn the volume up.
Obviously I wouldn't have the Play:1 facing the wall, it would be facing the rest of the room, but I am curious.


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3 replies

He would get about as much noise as he would from it playing in other parts of the room; depending on how loud it is playing and wall materials/thickness. The drivers in the unit face forward, it isn't an omni directional speaker.

The best way to find out, is to go across and hear for yourself and decide an appropriate cut off level with him.
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The trueplay tuning does a lot in adapting the Play:1 to its surroundings.