Portable speaker for Sonos

  • 2 December 2016
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We are looking for a portable speaker to take outside that will connect to our Sonos system. Is there one that is compatible? My man wants it for Christmas so I'm working hard to find one.

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6 replies

Simple answer is no I'm afraid. Is this just for the garden? In what sense would you like it to connect to your Sonos system? You probably just need a Bluetooth speaker that you can play music from your phone on.
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Although it's not a portable solution, I purchased the Connect Amp and a pair of outdoor speakers. The Connect Amp is obviously inside the home, protected from the outdoor elements, and the speakers are mounted on the exterior walls. The setup cost approximately $1500 and I couldn't be happier with the sound quality and functionality.
Thank you. My man wants to have a speaker by the firepit so he can smoke a cigar and watch a football game through the living room windows. I have a play 5 I can bring outside but it would have to be pretty loud to in order to listen to it at the pit. There is always an extension cord!
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Your man and I have a few things in common. I often sit outside by the fire and smoke a Cuban. If he wants to watch a game but listen to music (instead of the audio of the game), then I'd suggest the Play 1 because it's the only speaker that's 'humidity resistant'. It's also the smallest, so it's the easiest to move around.

Regarding the extension cord, be careful with those cheap cords. Sonos is a finely tuned piece of hardware, so using sub-standard extension cords is not a good idea. If you go that route, spend a few extra bucks on a quality industrial grade extension cord. It makes a difference, in my opinion.

Also, make sure you have good wireless coverage in the backyard so the speaker can work properly.
Thank you! Yes, I will use only an extension cord for industrial use. Luckily our wifi outside is great. And I just bought him a Play1 🙂
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Connect:Amp in dry place house or garage - - speaker wire running out to outside location and normal wired outdoor speakers.