Playbar and two Play.1 surround sound not working while watching tv

  • 2 December 2014
  • 82 replies

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82 replies

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Same issue here.

Had a playbase for a week. Played music earlier in day through subs, not tv. Now sibs are no longer having any sound as surrounds. Joke . They were working fine unutl today for a week. It is D5.1. Pathetic

Hi rubberduck,

It sounds to me like there may be some wireless interference causing communication issues between your PLAYBASE and SUB. To be sure I'd like to see a diagnostic report from your system. Please send in a report then reply with the confirmation number.
I got playbar- sub - and 2x play 5- when playing music rear speakers are soft. And when watching TV rear speakers dont work... i dont understand helpppppp
I got playbar- sub - and 2x play 5- when playing music rear speakers are soft. And when watching TV rear speakers dont work... i dont understand helpppppp

Hey Halit, welcome to the Community. For soft music out of the rear speakers, I would recommend changing the surround settings from "Ambient" to "Full Stereo". Here's how:

Quiet sound or no audio from surround speakers

This article also explains the most common reasons you won't hear audio from the surrounds while watching TV. Do you know if your TV is sending out Dolby Digital audio, and are you watching something that would have surround sound in it?
yea the program i was watching was no surround the surround is working after i watched Movie and the rear speakers are fckin awesome now thnx for your reply my neighbours cant sleep now 😃
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I have a similar problem, I have Playbar, Sub and now two 1s...
I have been trying to add the two 1s so I have surround sound

I have tried multiple times to set the Surround sound up, and get various issues with one of the 1s
Issues all seem to relate to one of my 1s, it either
- Refuses to connect to the surround sound (have tried swapping them around, chaning channel, resetting wifi, resetting the sonos 1s etc)
- Connects initially but then wont pair with the first 1 prior to final set up
- Does connect, but then wont play any tv sound (it is fine playing music, grouping etc)

I have noted that the button on top of the problematic 1 has a dull white light, whilst the fully functioning 1 has a much brighter white light

TV is a Samsung, connected via PCM, Playbar, Sub are all great and work fine, TV is hardwire connected to an Amazon Fire

Hoping you can provide a solution, my Diagnostic test number is 7780223, thank you guys, been a customer for 5 years, brilliant products (if a little frustrating at times)
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Any help from the Sonos team? see above for issue and Diagnostic test number...
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Hello Sadgoth, thanks for posting to the Sonos Community. It appears the diagnostic is reporting some minor wireless interference that could be causing issues with bonding the PLAY:1's as surrounds. To troubleshoot wireless interference follow the steps here:

Once the PLAY:1's are connected and set up as surround speakers make sure the PLAYBAR is receiving a surround sound audio signal. Not all TV channels are broadcast in surround sound and may not provide audio to the surround speakers. More details in our FAQ here:

Let us know how it goes.