Play:5 Hardware Failure

Hey everyone, so I have several Sonos components, one of which, my Play:5, stopped working about a week ago. I've had the speaker for about 14 months. It has no power, led's don't light up, and it doesn't show up on the app. Speaker is completely dead. Contacted support, did a reset, ran a diagnostic, and it still doesn't work. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can fix this or what may be the issue? A simple Google search showed dozens of people with the same problem, so it's not uncommon but I couldn't find anyone that suggested a fix. Contacting Sonos support didn't get me anywhere. They are happy to charge me $150 to take a look and repair but that seems very unreasonable. The unit was plugged into a Panamax power conditioner so I know a power surge didn't get it. Hard to believe a fairly high end speaker like this would simply fail for no apparent reason 2 months after the warranty expires....

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Any options here. I'd love to be able to bypass the onboard supply on a play1 and play 5 in order to determine if the issue is within the onboard supply.
I bought two Sonos Play:5 Gen 1's a little over a year ago. Now one of the speakers has a rapidly flashing green light. Tried resetting by unplugging, then while holding pause button in plugged back in. Heard this would reset the speaker. Wouldn't reset. So I called Sonos support. Was on the phone with them as they logged onto my computer and did all they could do to figure out the problem. In the end... they told me it was a bad speaker. Nothing I could do. So they offered me $150 credit to send back in to replace with Play:5 Gen 2. But Gen 1 and Gen 2 won't play stereo together. So, I'd either have to go on-line and find a second Play:5 Gen1 (probably can find one for $150), or just live with a mis-matched pair (Gen1 with a Gen2), or send in both Play:5 Gen 1's and replace with Gen 2's. Can't tell you how upset I am with this speaker not lasting more than a year or so. I will take it to Best Buy where I bought them and see what kind of deal I can cut with them. IMO Sonos should replace the speaker free of charge since it only lasted about 18 months. Soon, if enough people start complaining about the quality of their speakers I suspect their business will start to slow down.
Hi Lance17, I had a similar experience, and share your reaction. It's a shame that I thought I was getting a premium product that would last, but really just purchased the first year of a $500-a-year subscription service to a home stereo....

I hope Best Buy at least offered you acceptable customer service!
My play5 failed this week after updating with recent software update. 2 months over 3 years, sobout of warranty. Sonos turns out to be a junk company with junk products which wants 350 us dollars for replacement. I will never buy any product from them and then make sure none of our friends even consider them. My money wasted on faulty product, and my time.
i possess Play 5 Gen 1 and suddently without reason - nothing work anymore - even light not working ? please help
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i possess Play 5 Gen 1 and suddently without reason - nothing work anymore - even light not working ? please help

Beyond trying a different power cable/outlet give Sonos a call.
ok i wil contact Sonos to see what is going on
Hi, I have several Sonos products but made the mistake of purchasing a Connect from a third party. It died within 7 weeks so I contacted Sonos for advice on repair. They do not do a 'repair' service however they offered to replace the unit for which I was very grateful. Then came the rub. I would have to pay them £249 (Connect is £309 new here in UK at present) and what's worse, the replacement unit only has a 90 day guarantee. This clearly is NOT an option so my Connect is now scrap.

It seems that potential buyers need to be aware that there is no repair service and no spare parts available and they cannot even find out how old a unit might be. Seems to me if people were aware of this they probably wouldn't buy a 'used' Sonos item. This might also impact upon the sale of new items if there were little chance of selling it on.