Play 3 Powersupply fault.

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My Play 3 died the other day and I am just outside my warrenty period 😞 I contacted sonos customer services who did not help me in the slightest. I have now looked at the power supply board and seen that the board around one of the input capacitor has burnt out and or the cap itself.

As customer services won't even sell me a new power board, does anyone have a circuit diagram for this board so i can attempt to repair it myself. ( I am competent with electronics).
P/N: RN-002657 (board number)
Date: 08-04-11

Also has anyone else experienced this fault. I am assuming a power surge has done this.

Many thanks


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Hi Guys,
D307 is a 1n4148 diode.
I have the same issue. Given the cost that Sonos wanted to send me a refurbed play3 o took the liberty of taking a look!

is anyone able to repair or offer replacement power boards at a sensible price? Don’t really want to give up on the rest of the init just because there power board has gone!

could I not wire up the right voltage usb power supply to replace this??