Play 3 Discontinued?

  • 25 October 2017
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Just went to Best Buy today, and the Play 3 has been REMOVED from the new Sonos display--just a Play 1, Play 5, and the new ONE. The guy told me it's still for sale, but it's being discontinued. Anybody else heard this? Is it going to be replaced with another Play 3 type "middle of the road" speaker, I wonder?

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31 replies

I spent about a year working with tech support. The only solution was to hardwire via powerline ethernet.
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Just bought a refurbished Play 3 from Sonos for $199.00. I've got a paired set of Play 3's that I am quite pleased with.

$199.00 is a good reason for me to add more. 🆒
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I have a couple Gen 1 Play 5s and a pair of Play 3s as well sa some 1s and I don't think most folks would find a single Play 3 a good replacement for a single Play 5, the mono sound really gets old fast even compared to the weak stereo you get from a single Play 5.

Play 3s are still available from third party sellers, some authorized sellers that should provide warranty coverage and others that may not be authorized to sell Sonos which might be a problem at some point.

Listening to my Play 1s, they aren't bad sounding compared to the 3 or 5, a bit weaker on the low end maybe.

If Sonos support can't solve your WiFi networking issues then you are in a bad situation, I'd submit a diagnostic and call them again if it has been a while since your last effort, much has changed.
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Update on availability at base exchanges: I was in one today that had a stack of at least 30 on the floor, priced at $229, as they have been since Christmas season. If you want a 3 and have access to AAFES, I’d try there.
Play One doesn’t please me .. I own a Play 5 and it’s big for some rooms.. Play 3 it’s perfect and sounds better than One ... just wait for a new Play 3 with Airplay for 3 of myt litlle rooms
Any news about it?