Play 1 with bluetooth

  • 6 September 2017
  • 3 replies

When will it be possible to use Play 1 Wireless with battery and bluetooth connection ?

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3 replies

Sonos has never stated they will support Bluetooth, and have explicitly stated they do not like the short range and lower audio quality. I don't see that likely to change. For Bluetooth support, you can purchase a Sonos unit with a line-in and connect a Bluetooth receiver.
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That's to be confirmed with Sonos! No one currently knows. Sonos are very confident in WiFi technology over Bluetooth, and make products for multi room streaming over WiFi. Portability isn't Sonos' aim, and Bluetooth is something unrealistic for Sonos as they rely so much on WiFi and believe it gives the best experience for the home.

However, if you would like to use Bluetooth with you system, you can purchase a Sonos Connect or a Play 5 - both of which feature a line in. This allows you to stream line in over your WiFi network to Sonos and you can add an external Bluetooth receiver to it.

A battery is also something achievable... You can modify your Play 1 speakers and change the two solder points used for home DC power and wire up an external power brick. This will limit the maximum volume of your speaker, and will require some other form of voltage regulator. If you're willing to void the warranty for this vision go ahead. But I highly discourage it. 😮
Far simpler would be to buy one of the many excellent Bluetooth portable speakers available now for prices from USD 10 to USD 500 and use these in places where they make more sense. As streaming services become popular, these get simpler to use, if music is downloaded for offline use to the handheld device for places where there is no WiFi.