Play 1 rear speakers while watching TV

  • 18 July 2017
  • 5 replies

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Unable to listen to my 2 x Play 1 rear speakers while watching TV, can you help me ? These speakers are linked to a Play base and Sub

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5 replies

Make sure your TV is spitting out it's audio in a 5.1 or higher format like DTS
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What is DTS ?
Digital Theater System. It's another format for more than 2 speakers. And one that Sonos doesn't support. They only support Dolby Digital.

There are many devices that connect to TVs that have DTS, many if not all Blu-ray players, for instance, game consoles, a plethora of things. Each one needs to be set in the audio settings for that device to be only Dolby Digital, so that the signal it sends to your TV across the HDMI connection is the appropriate kind. Many TVs don't have the ability to take another format and change it, so it's best to set each device, and the TV itself to Dolby Digital.
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Thanks Airgetlam
You're most welcome.