Play: 1 cutting out using TuneIn radio

  • 19 April 2017
  • 4 replies

I listen to Radio 1 constantly and it is cutting out for one or two seconds every minute or so and it's driving me insane. Seems like it doesn't happen when playing Google Play or others.

I've tried rebooting the Sonos, my router, app, phone, computer... all of that. Plus I have removed the station from favourites and re-added.

Diagnostic number 7314764

Thanks in advance.

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4 replies

Same here with BBC radio 4 but classic fm fine
Hi Pia

Welcome to the community!

Thanks for the diagnostic.

Could you Visit and and run the respective tests and let us know the results and to confirm you don't have any problems with non BBC stations?

Also have a look here

Many thanks
If you have desktop controllers you can add links manually and sometimes these seem to work better than the ones served up by TuneIn. You might try, even if just as an experiment.

Just go to Manage, Add Radio Station...

BBC Radio 1

BBC Radio 4

You'll find the added station in "My Radio Stations".
I had the same issue and was resolved by adding radio channels manually, I had been talking to tech support and they never mentioned this, i had the brainwave myself! I knew it wasnt my 100mbps fibre broadband or my router or cross channel inteference. 🙂