Play:1 ceiling-mounted in bathroom (in UK)

  • 22 December 2016
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Hi folks,

I have a number of Sonos units around the house, but now want to have Sonos in my bathrooms.

The typical install of Connect:Amp + quality ceiling speaker is ~£450 EACH and wouldn't allow True Play configuration.

Instead, I'm interested in recess mounting Play:1s in the bathroom ceilings, which would be £150 EACH and WOULD allow True Play configuration.

I found this ceiling mount:

This would mean the Play:1 isn't actually in the bathroom, but in the attic above, from where it would also be powered.

Does anyone know if there are any issues with such a configuration?



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7 replies

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Sorry, can't answer your question but an interesting concept so thanks for the link.

I'd like to do something similar in our bathrooms, so would be interested in how it goes if you decide to do this. My only concern would be the quality of sound coming out of that shaped enclosure.
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Yeah sound will suffer. I tell you, a play:1 placed in the corner of the bathroom counter sounds amazing and makes a nice little dish for women to set their rings at bath time. But if you really want it in the ceiling that should work fine, but remember humidity can be a greater threat on the ceiling during showers.
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but remember humidity can be a greater threat on the ceiling during showers.


Kris 😃
Regarding the humidity, the Play:1 is designed to withstand humidity, as per the adverts showing a Play:1 in a (presumably American) bathroom.

Thanks for pointing out that it'd be greater in the ceiling though, worth taking into account. The way round this, I think, is that as well as the Play:1's existing grille, I'd have a circular grille protecting it, which should reduce humidity further.

The point about the sound is good though - although the sound only comes out the front of the Play:1, I'd need to do something to enclose it, as some sort of baffle. The advantage of having the Play:1 itself in the ceiling though is that you can run TruePlay tuning on it to attempt to improve the sound.
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The Play 1 is stated as 'moisture resistant' so is fine at worktop height in a bathroom, but not at ceiling height.
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How can you possibly state that?? have you a link to any technical data?
PLAY:1 at ceiling height would be fine, away from main wet zones, where you would put a ceiling light or fan, or say above the entrance door.
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I'd be tempted to go a bit different direction here. Put a concealed plug power outlet box in the wall and a small corner shelf to hold the Play 1.