Play 1 and One SL: difference in Sonosnet reach?

  • 9 August 2021
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I searched the forum but cannot find an answer. Does the One (SL) have better WiFi/Sonosnet radio or antennas than the older Play1? Will it connect better/stronger to Sonosnet than a Play1 will do? 


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1 reply

I doubt that if you were to do an A/B test on your own that you’d find any significant difference. After all, they both have had to be tested by the FCC, and have to meet rather stringent rulesets, although when they passed through, it’s possible that there may have been minor changes in those rules. 

Given that the electronics inside are different, as each was designed/spec’d/built at different times, it wouldn’t overly surprise me if there wasn’t a slight difference between the two. But, in the grand scheme of things, I’d expect that the difference would be in the low single digits, and not that the One is 100% more effective on SonosNet than the PLAY:1.