permanent bluetooth connection direct to apple tv

  • 20 June 2022
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Hi there,


I recently purchased a Sonos One for my girlfriend as she had a rubbish TV (without Bluetooth) and terrible sound.


however, it is not working well as a solution as I have to connect the sonos to the Apple TV via BT, and it is not a permanent connection, meaning that I have to select it as the audio source on the Apple TV everytime and controlling the volume with the ATV remote only works once the airplay connection is established.


how can I get a permanent/seemless experience without having to buy her a BT tv?


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3 replies

The Sonos One is not a BT.speaker and is not designed for or suitable for use as a TV speaker.

Swap the One for a Sonos Ray.

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The Sonos One is not designed for use on it’s own with a TV.

For TV audio, the recommended approach is a Sonos soundbar.

The recently released Ray is the cheapest soundbar option. This would also minimise potential lip sync issues compared to current setup, which I assume is by Airplay rather than BT as the One is not a BT capable speaker.

Two Sonos Ones could be added for surround sound. Or as you said the One is a recent purchase, you could return that if only the soundbar is required.


A Sonos ‘One’ does not support Bluetooth connections? I assume you are connecting it over Airplay2. The ‘One’ is actually designed mainly as a music speaker and not designed for TV front channel audio.

You actually (ideally) need one of the Sonos HT products that are designed for A/V TV use, such as:

All of the above can connect directly to most TV’s (Optucal connection etc); but just check your TV compatibility prior to purchase.