Pair of play 5's

  • 30 December 2016
  • 7 replies

Is it really that advantageous to add a sub to, two play 5's (2nd gen) set up as a pair. Any feed back would be appreciated.

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7 replies

A pair, yes. The stereo imaging is much better for a large to medium room. Two Play:5 and a Sub? Well, the Play:5 gets pretty low itself, so that's a lot to pay for a little more bass. I personally think the sweet spot for price is a pair of Play:1s and a Sub. But the pair of 5s and a Sub will sound awesome, no doubt.
many thanx, I appreciate your opinion
I split the diff and went with two play 3s and a sub, but still spent the same money because i installed a pair of play 1s way off in the back of the kitchen and office and play them all in a large group.
Thanx appreciate you sharing. I've done something similar for now with an open concept house. For the time being, I have a playbar with the sub and two play ones for rears in the family room, play 5 in the dining room, play 5 in the upstairs foyer, a pair of play ones in the master bedroom, single play ones in my sons bedroom and bathroom. They sound incredible when grouped together. My intentions, for the fives is to group them as a pair for our living room, thus the original question of whether a sub would be useful to the fives.
I did a demo of a pair of 2nd gen 5's in a shop and had to check that the sub was offline. They sounded great on their own.
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I have two 5s, as a stereo pair. It's definitely worth getting the second 5, if you can afford it. The stereo image makes a huge difference. The 5s already put out an impressive amount of bass, so the sub is probably superfluous.

My understanding is that the sub nicely complements the playbar.
Thank you I really appreciate your knowledge and opinions. Furthermore I was told that the fives once coupled with a sub, will take the majority of the lows, leaving the fives to focus on the mids and highs, so that in its self makes the idea sort of redundant. I can certainly understand why most would be in favor of a pair of ones coupled to a sub.