One vs Play:1

  • 24 October 2017
  • 28 replies

I saw that both One and Play:1 have the same price. They seem quite similar, except that One has voice control.
Is there any advantage for Play:1 over One?
If not, why are Sonos selling two almost-identical products, with the same price?

I'd have expected the Play:1 to be cheaper, or even to be obsoleted, and be completely replace by the One.
What am I missing here?

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28 replies

You'd get essentially the same thing as every other Sonos speaker, if played alone. Just like a portable radio with one speaker. Both right and left would be mixed together coming out of the single speaker. They sound great that way, all of them, the PLAY:5, the PLAY:3, the PLAY:1 or the Sonos One. They sound even better when they're paired as stereo speakers, rather than singles, but that's a choice each individual, and their wallet, has to make. The nice thing is that you can buy one now, and then get another one later, and assuming that they're both the same kind of speaker, you can pair them at that point.
clear! many thanks!
I don't understand: how can it be COMPATIBLE and play TOGETHER with the other devices if it's not in stereo? What's the point? I mean: what kind of sound do you get, then: something like mono's in choir??

Sonos is a above everything else a multi-room music system. It was made to play music all over your house in multiple rooms. As such, you can have stereo Ones and a Sub in the living room, a Play:3 in the Kitchen, a Play:5 in the bedroom, a 5.1 Playbar, surrounds, and Sub in the den, and a Play:1 in the bathroom, all grouped together playing the exact same music in perfect sync.