No power to gen 2 sub


I have no power with Gen 2 sub. It isn’t the power point or lead issue. (I am an electrician). I have a 1st gen sub that is going strong so I think gen 2 sub’s have a power issue. Paying over $1000 for a sub that doesn’t last 5yr is pretty average.

I had a move that the battery stop charging also

I love Sonos. I have use there products for around 10yrs. I have play 1 x 2, play 3 x 2, play 5, playbar, beam, sub x 2, move and amp 

Over the last couple years I have experienced the most problems with the app (bugs/delays/app closing). Maybe Sonos needs to go back to there original scope of make a couple of amazing products instead of lots or average ones that can’t outlast their originals 



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