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I know there has been a lot of request's for outdoor Sonos systems. I enjoy your product throughout my house and do not feel like getting below quality third party outdoor speakers and a connect or amp to drive them. I believe it is just time to develop an outdoor rated soffit speaker se we can enjoy Sonos quality audio on our Patio, instead of plugging and unplugging a Play 1 or 5 every time we go outside and linking it up to our phones, way easier to carry around a Bluetooth, but then you lose out on the Sonos sound quality. I understand they have been researching this for like 3 years, time to take a leap and be proactive as I believe this would be a huge selling point for Sonos, instead of urging us to buy competitors products. I believe that when Sonos recommends this, most people skip out of buying the Connecticut and/or Amp and buy a complete separate Bluetooth or other system when makes it a pain in the ass to have so many sound systems that could easily be averted by producing a simple outdoor Patio speaker that can be set up ready for use anytime the weather permits. If you need a product tester please let me know, just my two cents anyways.

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So... I know I'm kinda late to the party. I don't want to add anything to this other than, we need outdoor sonos speakers! I'm adding a patio to my home and I REALLY want outdoor sound. I really want it to be seamless and part of my whole house experience. I don't want to try to engineer a solution out on my patio that requires drilling etc. I don't expect to leave them outdoor 24/7... but I would love an option that is focused on outdoor utility and or sound field?

If you don't expect to leave them outside, would bring them in if there were a risk of them getting wet and you have a Wi-Fi network what's wrong with the current line-up?
Just came across this thread while looking to see the latest Sonos outdoor products (none). But I have had outdoor speakers by my pool for about 6 years now and on my back patio for about 10 years. I simply have 2 Connect AMPs running the speaker wires from the basement and everything works great. By the pool I have some Best Buy "Rock Speakers" that conceal the music in the landscaping. These lasted maybe 4 years though and quality degraded so I replaced the speakers with marine/boat speakers inside the plastic rocks. They work great. On the back patio have wall mount JVC speakers and love them. Have a pair of Play 1's in the kitchen and another AMP with Denon speakers in the basement. The full system is so much better and easier than Bluetooth.
It's been over a year since this thread opened. Any updates, Sonos team? Your loyal customers are asking to give you more money! ? I don't want to buy some other company's product...
Life is too short and uncertain to postpone the pleasure of music in the yard for this to happen.
Waiting for a solution as well
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From the somewhat recent article in The Verge:

"A couple weeks ago, when Spence was making the press rounds in San Francisco, we sat down with him for a candid discussion about Sonos’ future. He hinted pretty strongly that his company would finally think about making an “outdoor” speaker"
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Since a lot of us just carry a Play1 or pair of them outside and plug them in, wouldn't it be as simple as creating a weather proof body for the existing speakers? There is no reinventing the wheel here, you only need to copy what Bose and many other companies already did with outdoor speakers. Just make them weather proof.
I suspect the liability lawyers may have an issue with a plug in device being designed for use in a potentially wet environment. It's why we can't have nice things, all the people who aren't smart enough to handle electrical components in wet areas. I saw recently a young lady electrocuted in her bath by plugging in a frayed power cord and running it to her bath to charge her phone. Unfortunately, often those people (or lawyers who advise them) are anxious to sue the company who designed the device, and even have warnings in the instructions for the device about use in wet areas. It's why the concept of a battery powered device is so appealing, much less exposure to the wet conditions. But that has its own issues, as have been raised in many of the threads about this possibility.
Hey Sonos, is there any updates on the original post in this thread? Maybe a battery powered speaker I can drag out to the fire pit that's connected to the rest of my Sonos system?
Just for all who stumble across this. I have a switched ceiling outlet under my covered patio. I have 2 play:1 speakers plugged in. They have been outside for 2 years and have no sign of any deterioration and still work perfectly. I live in FL as well. I was told by the guy at bestbuy that as long as they are covered and not directly exposed to the elements they will be fine. Do as you wish - but so far so good. In due time I will update the post if needed.
Sonos changed our lives (indoor), now we need you to do it again - outdoor. It's 2018, make it happen. Don't disappoint, just get it done. Now please.
Don't make me buy inferior outdoor speakers. That would put a frown on my face every time I play music (that my kids apparently don't like. But they'll learn to appreciate it. Particularly if it's playing in the background outside). #HelpSonos only you can saver our family
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Please...I need outdoor speakers for my Sonos system! What is the delay? Thanks and love my Sonos system
Please...I need outdoor speakers for my Sonos system! What is the delay? Thanks and love my Sonos system

"What is the delay" assumes there is actually something being worked on. Sonos has never indicated that an outdoor speaker is coming, so nothing is "delayed", it just doesn't exist.
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How about a battery operated Sonos 1 (see Heos 1 with go pack for inspiration ).
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I thought of that, but am hoping SONOS give us a long term solution for outside. Weatherproof, connected all the time, etc. BUT....our suggestion is not bad to bring in and out when we need it. It certainly will work.
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In the past - I use a connect amp indoors and regular third party outdoor speakers. I've had transmission problems when I get too far away (eg - I had one in a shed next to the pool and it wouldn't work unless I opened the door to the house) - so outdoor sonos speakers would need both power and a signal. I'm guessing that is what holds up the new product.
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I have used Connect AMP with high quality outdoor speakers that were professionally installed for years with no issues and phenomenal sound and SONOS ease of use. Earlier in thread was suggestion for a rechargeable SONOS Play 1 that could live on rechargeable base like many available Apple airplay type speakers. On top is a little handle, grab it go outside, put it on the patio table, it stays connected to existing wifi network, and when done, it gets placed back on the base. How hard can that be? What say you @sonos?