My sonos play 5 doesnt finish playing full songs

  • 21 April 2013
  • 60 replies

When i play songs from my iphone the songs wont play the full way through and instead skip to the next song. Any ideas?

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60 replies

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Are the songs cutting off near the end (i.e. with 10 seconds or less remaining) or just randomly in the middle? Are you playing the songs directly from your iPhone, or are you just using your iPhone as a controller, and the songs are playing from your computer? Do you have a good wireless signal to your iPhone?
Hi Mike, thanks for getting back to me. They stop just over the half way mark usually, so with a minute or two left till the end. I am playing directly from the music on my my iPhone and there is a good wireless signal.
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Ok... the next step would probably be to submit a diagnostic report to Sonos, then reply here with the confirmation number. This will give Sonos a bunch of information about your system, which they can use to hopefully determine the cause of this skipping. For more info on submitting a diagnostic report, see this support article:
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Hello Mike, If you can please follow MikeV's instructions and submit a diagnostic of your SONOS System. Please respond with the confirmation number for the diagnostic. Answer Title: Submit System Diagnostics Answer Link: Are you getting the same playback issues over SONOS with other sources? So if you use the Music Library or the Music Services do you experience the same playback issues? One test would be to connect the iDevice to an available line in connector in SONOS. Run a cable from the iDevice to a SONOS Component, and under the sources in SONOS choose Line In. See if the audio playback is any better when it is hardwired. Answer Title: Using the Line-In on a Sonos Player Answer Link:
Hello - We are having the same issue with our Sonos. Songs randomly end and skip to the next song. It's anywhere from 30 seconds to a couple minutes into the song.
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Hello Scott, I would use the instructions to run the diagnostic as requested of the other customer please, and respond with the confirmation number for the diagnostic. Also try the second test please and let me know how the iDevice using the line in and not the iDevices Wi-Fi connection.
I'm having the same issue. (Sonos only plays a portion of the song... about a minute, sometimes less, sometimes more... then skips to the next song.) Will someone from Customer Service respond if I submit a diagnostic report?
Sent diagnostic info. This is my confirmation #: 3181178 Please help!
I have this happen all the time. I am using a NAS device for my music. I powered everything off and restarted but same condition. My diagnostic # is 3181196
This is also happening to me while playing music from iPhone.
Same problem here on brand new Sonos. DIagnostic number: 3181765 - Good wifi signal. - Happens to both internet radio and music on iPhone. - Play5 + Bridge Can you someone please let me know what to do? Thanks! ilan PS I was going to test changing the wireless channels as instructed in another help thread, but don't see the option where it should be on the iPhone controller: Music >> Settings >> Advanced Settings >> ???? (Wireless channel)
Same exact issue here. Brand new Playbar - usually hear about 10-90 seconds of a song before it either stops playing or skips to the next track (sometimes in the middle of the next track). Diagnostic number: 3181873
Same here for my Play 5 D# 3189240
Hey Sonos - a bunch of seem to have this issue. How about a solution?
Hey, I'm having exactly the same problem whether playing from my NAS drive or from my iPhone. It's really spoiling my enjoyment of music and is very annoying. I have previously sent error reports and rebooted my whole system but it's still happening. Please help.
problem!! super annoying, it just switches to the next song way too soon. listening from the laptop. Diagnostic no 3195189 Cheers
I'm having a similar problem when I use my Android phone as a controller to play music from my iTunes library, which resides on my PC laptop. Song plays for about 30 seconds, then I get an error message, "Unable to play -- the track is not encoded correctly." Doesn't play anything after that. Diagnostic: 3196602. Thanks for your help!
Having the same issue as well. Diagnostic Number: 3198543
Song plays for about 30 seconds, then I get an error message, "Unable to play -- the track is not encoded correctly." Doesn't play anything after that. This is from an iPad used as a controller playing music off of a NAS. MAC OSX 10.7.5 Diagnostic Number: 3198544
I'm having all the same issues and errors using my new SONOS system (Play 5). My diagnostic test is 3199027. Please help. Thank you.
Same here, (2x play5 in stereo-mode) and 1x play3. Songs are cutted of randomly when I play them from Spotify, NAS or iDevice...and go the next in the playlist. Doesn't happen all the time, but too often to get very annoying and frustrating.... Have restarted all my devices including router and modem a few times and today's update of the controller didn't bring a solution either... Diagnose number: 3199527
Same problem since i play from amazon cloud player and spotify. Never had the problem before latest update and playing songs that are saved on ipad. Please help asap, soon having a big party, will be bad reputation for sonos, if it doesnt work by then. 3205870.
The problem resolved when I switched to faster internet provider
Same issue here. I play music from an NAS and keep getting the same error message that the music is not encoded properly. Diagnostic number 3206195 Not good!
Sonos just stops mid way through the radio playing. Incredibly frustrating. Diagnostic #: 3206201