Moves Playing in Stereo over Bluetooth

  • 9 February 2020
  • 28 replies

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28 replies

same here, how come SONOS can not develop systems and equipment that can be stero-paired on bluetooth mode to any compatible device. this is disappointing…. this is not rocket science: most other brands can do it.

Where is this feature? Why is it still not available?  These are portable speakers! It’s called a MOVE. Of course we don’t want to have to be tethered to WiFi all the time with these in a pair.

Beyond frustrated with this limitation, I tried for an hour to get the pair of Moves moved to a hotspot using my wife’s phone as the hotspot, but it just does not work at all.  Sonos team themselves say using a hotspot is not officially supported. Had to try.

Such a huge oversight. Guess this second Move is going back to Best Buy. Need to look into something else that is more thought out, and more capable with Bluetooth. 

ROAM can stereo pair with Bluetooth.