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Sonos: Please allow the minimum volume to be turned down - it doesn't matter what you set, it's just too loud. I have 21 of your devices and I also sell Sonos products to my customers - I'm always asked about the minimum volume, it's too loud!listen to your customers, please!


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I don’t know what curve they are using for Volume adjust, but there are always complaints. If the lower range is expanded in order to give more control down there, then the user must use higher numbers for their usual output. This results in legions of complaints about a new update being “less powerful”. It’s a no win situation. The general feeling is that a unit that is louder at lower indications is more powerful than a unit with a gentler control slope. This was the case with knobs too. As I walked through the mass market cheap boombox area, I’d hear comments that “you just crack the Volume control and it gets really loud”. Manufacturers are very aware of this. In the real audio area, these individuals would remark that units with a gentler control slope were “not as powerful” because the control needed to be rotated farther. In fact the real audio unit was several times more powerful. We tend to equate “distorted” with “loud”. In this context the cheap boomboxes were much louder than real audio.

In the SONOS units scaling back “Volume Limit” might help your customers.

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scaling back “Volume Limit” already done, but not with the needed results :-(

That’s too bad. I feel your pain.

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What service are you playing?

I always find this an odd complaint as my Sonos go so quiet you can barely hear them with your ear a foot away. Playing Amazon or my Music Library.

I completely agree with this ongoing issue. I can’t listen to music in the bedroom at night due to min volume issue. Before moving to Sonos, I never had an issue with volume levels when playing music at night/sleeping. I can’t understand why it is so hard to update and rectify. 

It would be nice to receive a response from Sonos that isn’t dismissive or stating to move the speaker further away. People want to know if there is a GOOD reason for not addressing this issue. If there isn’t, provide an update on when it will be fixed. The lack of response makes people think Sonos just doesn’t care about its users. Sonos needs to remember, without the customers the company wouldn’t exist.