Love the upgrade from sonos one to Era 100, with beam and sub for my 300 Sq foot living room for music

  • 22 April 2023
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I upgraded the living room Sonos ones to the era 100. It definitely much sounds better in that room. I was looking for more room filling sound and they just sound quite a bit better in a room that size. Music only with beam and sub. The entire room now sounds phenomenal. My living room always sounded a little bit thin even with full mode and upping the surrounds. Mid-range and bass both sound better.


Got rid of my play 3s when they kept losing connection even with boost and tech support, and switched to the newer ones. The era 100s both sound better and really fills the whole room with music. Fives would not perform well at lower volume plus shared walls can't blast out my neighbor.


I won't be upgrading the ones with beam and sub in my bedroom. So worth it for a bigger room.

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3 replies

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Hello @Trashisfree, welcome back!

I’m glad you are enjoying your new Era 100 speakers and appreciate the nice words and feedback! 🙂

Thank you for your post.

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4 days later I upgraded the other pair of one's under the upgrade program. After selling off the old ones it cost me about 300 to upgrade all four ones to Era 100s.


I went through the same thing when I got my first sub and ordered the second one less than a week later.

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I have been running Sonos Ones as a stereo pair along with a Sub gen 2 for music only. I recently upgraded the Ones to Era 100s and found the improvement in sound, sound stage, and stereo imaging totally worth the expense. Very happy.

I took the ones and set them up on my computer desk with a separation of only 16” and a distance of 30” and they sound great! Like remote earphones. :)