linking different Sonos products

  • 17 October 2021
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Hi All 

Currently on Holiday and the cottage we are staying has a Sonos 1 , can i link my account to get the 1 to work ? , Not having much luck with it at the moment , 

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2 replies

When you attempt to use the player, what messages are presented? Is the player discovered as a new unit or a system that you could join?

I assume that this is a rental cottage. At best the link to your account would be inconvenient for you and/or the current owner and future tenants. Account details are stored in the players. If you reset the player, then you would become the new owner and you would need to setup a SONOS account enter your music service registrations. Further, unless you brought a copy of your music library with you on a computer or NAS hard drive, you would not have access to any of your library tracks. On leaving the cottage, you would want to reset the player in order to remove your registrations and the player would become ownerless.

If the current owner gave you the player’s account details, you could control the player with your phone/pad. At this point you would have access to any music service registrations currently installed on the player and you could add your services that were not already registered on the player. Prior to departure, you would want to remove these services. Replacing a current player service with your service would introduce the same issue as above because the next guest would not be able to access the service unless you had access to the original account registration details and could restore the original registrations.

It’s possible that a previous tenant has reset the unit and it is currently ownerless. 

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Thanks buzz 

Tried again put a radio station on the Sonos app and it connected straight away  …

Strange but seems to be fine now ....