Is my replacement speaker used ??

  • 9 January 2017
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Hi all

I have a Play 5 speaker which was distorted in the high range (tweeter) from time to time. It had only been in use less than a week, thou it was bought 8 month ago. I called the Danish supportline, who was very kind and serviceminded. he could also see, from the log file, that the first time it was power up, was less than a week ago. So after a little conversation, he said he would send me a new speaker, and then could i return the old one.
Was really pleased by his knowledge, and kindness.

I have now received my new speaker, but now im not so sure if it´s a new speaker or a "old" return speaker which they have repacked, because og the label, and that the corner of the inside case was damaged even thou the outer case (from the shipment) wasn't.

I can se that it has been assigned a new VPN number (please see the attached photo), is there any good explanation for that, and what is that number ??

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1 reply


I had a power issue with my Play:5 (wouldn't turn on) and Sonos was initially very helpful and facilitated a return and replacement. When I was unpacking the replacement speaker I noticed it had scratches on the face plate so I immediately called them. Turns out they replaced my new, mint speaker for a refurbished unit that "under goes thorough inspection". I absolutely didn't want a refurbished unit as I have no idea the speakers past and went back and forth with various people trying to get my speaker replaced with a new unit. The customer service fell off immediately and they left it at that. Thank goodness I bought through Amazon who understands customer service and immediately processed my return.

Turns out the refurbished speaker only lasted a week of normal use (never close to max volume) before one speaker was blown which was my argument the whole time but Sonos assured this would never happen.....