Integrating Sonos with an existing single-room home theater system

  • 11 April 2014
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I understand Sonos's streaming capabilities are great, but I'm looking for something to distribute sources coming out of my Onkyo TX-NR515. Effectively, I am wondering is, will the Sonos Connect and a Play:3 speaker allow me to broadcast the Onkyo's sources to the Play:3? I know I can go Bridge -> Onkyo, but I (think) I want to go Onkyo -> Connect -> Play:3 and hear whatever I have the Onkyo providing (TV, CD's, etc...).

If it can do that, do I also need a Bridge as well, or does the Connect have all the Bridge functionality in it?

Thanks in advance

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4 replies

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You only need the Bridge if you can't wire another Sonos device to your network. Other than that yes if you take the output from the onkyo into the connect's line in, you can then send that audio to any of your other Sonos devices.
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Thanks for the reply!
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The Connect has two RCA inputs. 🙂 and will supply all your Sonos players with audio with a 70ms delay in uncompressed mode. 2+ seconds in compressed mode.
There is also a stereo RCA output as well if you wish to wire your Connect to your Onkyo to turn your existing system into a Sonos stereo system and that can also work! 😮
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Ok damn just seen this post was 3 years ago...
Why was it in my suggested threads thing, and I also can't delete my reply ahah.