Increasing Sonos Buffer?

  • 10 January 2015
  • 2 replies

One radio station drops out periodically (out of country).  Is there any way to increase the buffer from (I assume) 2 seconds to (say) 3-4 seconds?  I appreciate the change would add lag when switching stations, but the existing buffer is inadequate for this one station.

Internet speed is fine, most other stations are fine, all four speakers in the house experience it at the same time.  I could do some stupid cludge like buffer from the router, but it seems silly and inefficient.

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2 replies

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Hi Patrick,

You can't change the buffer on a radio station or source manually, but it sounds like you might be able to find an alternative stream for that radio station. They usually have multiple ones, perhaps a lower bandwidth one will buffer better. You can use the directions on this page to manually add a radio station to Sonos.


Just set up my Sonos PLAY:1 today, and am experiencing the same buffering problem for an international radio station. Why can't we increase the buffer? Is this something that has been added yet? There is only one stream available (no others at different quality as you suggest), and it is definitely this specific stream that is the problem. Others play fine. For reference, I'm in Australia and the stream is in Slovenia. The local pipes are fine (I have an optical 100/40 link), the problem is more in between and potentially at the other end. Increasing the buffer is such a simple solution, can this be implemented? I have to say, a bit of a disappointment on day one of using the product. Otherwise quite happy.

Cheers, Daniel