IKEA Symfonisk Lamps Gen 2, optimal distance from wall?

  • 26 July 2023
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I have just bought nice tall and deep bedside tables for the lamps (the lamps sound much better on these rigid wooden cabinets than the previous flimsy metal ones).

I am considering permanently fixing them to the tables, so there is no chance to accidentally knock them off. I just wondered it there was an optimal distance to place them from the wall. I appreciate the sound is modified / enhanced by setting them up with truetone, but if I position them correctly in the first place, sound should be even better.




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4 replies

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Hey @Too much tech, welcome back! 🙂

I understand the need to permanently fix the IKEA Symfonisk Lamps to the bedside tables, but I must say that there is no general perfect position for them.

Mainly it is what sounds best to you, so I would suggest first put them in a way so that you can most take advantage of the empty space on top of the tables for general item placement, followed by a new Trueplay tuning.

If that doesn’t sound quite right to you, adjust them and re-tune with Trueplay until you get it just right.

As you said, the Trueplay is doing the works for each position, it comes to personal preference in the end.

I hope this helps.


Thanks Sotiris.

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When you get ready to mount them to the tables consider a Scotch Command Strip or three as the mounting method. I’ve used these on several items I wanted to stay stable. They even have a strip that has a Velcro closure so you can remove and reattach without using a new strip.


Thanks, may consider the Velcro version.