I would like to be able to start playback from any point within a playlist

  • 2 December 2013
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At present, I have two options:

1. Select a single track to play.
2. Select all tracks to play, starting with the first.

What I want to be able to do is find a point in a playlist, eg. halfway through / from 3 months ago / the bit where I added loads of Laura Mvula tracks / whatever, and play from that point. This is normal in most playback systems but, unless I'm very much mistaken, not possible in Sonos.

Am I being thick, or can we have an update please?


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33 replies

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Hello guys.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Let's just remember to stay courteous with each other.
I made a couple changes to some posts that don't follow our community terms & conditions.
Welcome to the community Keith. I don't believe he was taking the piss. This is typical response to feature requests.
Hi all,
I'm joining Keith in the request for a "play from here" option. I really miss this feature.
Max, could you tell us if is this in the planning for upcoming software releases?
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Hey Bp,

We don't have any plans for this feature announced or available to share right now. We have talked about this sort of feature at length in several threads around the community if you'd like to read into it more. Currently, nothing new, but we'll let everyone know if there's anything to share.
Instead of simply "playing" your playlist, add it to a queue. This allows you to start playing your playlist at any desired spot, and will continue to play through the playlist from the point selected.
How can you possibly use multiple queues?

I choose to listen to (largely) box sets of classical music on repeat e.g. Haydn 150CD set. However, there will be times when I want to play one or more tracks (maybe even for a whole evening) that are contemporary music. I do not want these tracks left in the queue, so have to delete them all after use. I would then like the classical side simply to go back to playing, from where it left off. Because the Sonos queue handling is limited, I can't do this. I used to be able to make a note of the track number that was playing before I switched music type (e.g. 1289/2423), but now that Sonos has removed this info from all but the PC controllers I can't even do that. I'd have to make a note of the detailed title of the track that was playing, and then look through 2,423 tracks to try and find where I was.

Playlists or saved queues do not help, as they don't retain pointers to the track that was playing played - they always start at the beginning. So I'd quite like the facility for either multiple queues, each retaining their pointers, or maybe a 'scratch' queue of some sort - so that at the end I could just delete it and go back to my main queue, exactly where I left off.

Please don't assume that, just because Sonos suits your way of working, that it suits everyone - it doesn't.
That's exactly what i need to. When i have a party sometimes people want to hear a little something else. Now i know i could add them to the queue but in the event i want to change back i have to do a lot of work to make that happen