Humidity resistant

  • 30 December 2016
  • 4 replies

Sonos to the best of my knowledge, advertises that the play 1 & play 5 (2nd gen) are humidity resistant. They also warn that the products mentioned, are not water proof. My question is how humidity resistant are they. My son has a play1 in his bathroom and like some, young men, he can easily shower for close to an hour, if not more. So how much humidity can it actually resist. I wish I could get a look inside a Sonos speaker to see how it is constructed to resist humidity.

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4 replies

Sonos has stated that using them is a high humidity situations like a bathroom filled with shower fog is fine. Just dont submerge tham.
Many thanx for your comment. Do you or does anyone else know, what mechanically through design, materials etc., that makes them resistant to humidity.
Not sure myself, but it probably is waterproof cone materials and coatings on corrosive parts.

Either that or magic Sonos pixie dust. 😉