how to connect play 5 to wifi network?

  • 13 March 2023
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I cant updating my play 5 Sonos to change to wifi connect. How to play my sonos 5 without eithernet cable connect to my home wifi network


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7 replies

I had did this to switching my play 5 to wireless but it cannot connect

What sort of error message are you seeing?

I suggest that you temporarily wire the PLAY:5 to your network, then make sure that the WiFi credentials are correct.

It can not connect to network via Wifi. Only connect via ethernet cable. I have to try alot to update network for switching wired to wireless, but it can not connect.


Here's reply from Sonos support assistant: 




Thank you for your patience, we did discover an issue your Play:5 Gen 2 speaker, and because of that problem, it is unable to connect to the WiFi. As this is a known issue with the Play:5, we will provide you with a replacement without any costs.


Please note that we have a limited Play:5 gen 2 inventory in all regions. The replacement you will receive could be a Play:5 (Gen 2) if possible, otherwise you will receive a Sonos Five.


Please confirm the following details in order for us to update your case:


- Full Name: - Shipping Address: - Phone Number:



Are you still here? Please note that if you do not respond, the chat session will automatically end. After the chat ends, you will be provided with a chat transcript which you can download. Please get in touch if you need further assistance and feel free to reference your case number: ********



Chat Ended from Lost Connection

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Seems like you didn’t respond in time, you’re likely going to reconnect, and give them the information they were requesting. You may want to save time and call in. 

I just reconnected. They told that they will replacements an other product fo me.