How to connect play 3 to smart tv

  • 25 June 2017
  • 6 replies

I have a 55" Samsung smart tv and would like to know how to play my sonos play 3 as like a sound bar . Thanks!

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6 replies

Unless your TV has a line out, it is not going to happen. Sonos basically has decided to screw its customer base by forcing you to purchase a Playbar or Playbase so that you can use the digital out on your TV for a small price of $699. The Playbar and Playbase are the only devices that will take a digital input from the TV.
Why doesn't the CONNECT have a digital input? Silly. I just bought it but may return so i can hook up my LG tv
Sonos chose to design the Playbar and Playbase to work with TVs. The Connect was designed to stream the Sonos ecosystem to an existing stereo system, as well as provide an input for outside music. The electronics inside do not handle anything other than stereo, which is not what most TV's output. And the Connect was designed years before the Playbar/Playbase was even considered.

In retrospect, there's a market for such a device as you want. But it's not the Connect.
Yes. I tried to make the Connect work with my TV and it won't so I guess I'm buying either of those, but which? Playbar? Playbase? Sub?
Shoot, it depends on your ears (and wallet). The Playbar was the first, the Playbase, with it's extra "more bass" speaker was released recently. I think they're both the same price. There's a form factor difference as well. It's hard for me to say which one is "better"

I lived with just a Playbar for a year or two before buying the SUB. It was, in my opinion, pretty damn good. When I got the SUB, I was blown away, specifically when watching blockbuster movies, since they exercise the SUB pretty well.