How to connect a Traktor S2 dj turntable to Play5

I'm curious if I can use my Traktor S2 dj turntables with my Play5. Have tried the line in, compressed, uncompressed, but I'm having the delay issues. Will a ZP90 or ZP120 remedy the issue? I can adjust latency settings in the Traktor Pro software. Here's some intel on those various settings:

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Hello Mark, The CONNECT & CONNECT AMP will use the same line in settings. So if you see a delay with the PLAY 5 it would be there for the those units as well. I would recommend using the uncompressed line in since that will give you smallest delay and adjust the delay settings for the Traktor tables.
Pierre I just tried this with a ZP100. Stream is fine but latency through headphones & whilst using an buttons/knobs on my Traktor S4. How on earth did you manage to gig? Do you not use headphones to queue? Desperate DJ wanting to use SONOS but can't *help please*
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Hey Conor, Did you set up the Autoplay as I explained above? Do you group the ZP100 with any other devices? I rarely use the headphones as I know my tracks and read the spectrum directly, but I use a lots of effects and do live remix so the latency is not an option for me. Could you please set up your system ready to play, Submit a Diagnostic and send me back the number via this thread, I will have a look personally. Thanks!
Hey pierre - thanks for your reply. Yes I grouped with another ZP100 to which speakers were attached. The ZP100 I lined into did not have any speakers attached (currently a spare one!). I'll let you know once I've had a chance to do as you say so you can take a look (probably over the weekend). Thanks for looking at. Having searched the net for solutions on this it appears DJ's (not just those that use Traktor) are all finding the latency an issue when lining into SONOS. It's impossible to manually beatmatch and the effects (for me at least) were delayed against me pushing/twisting the knobs.
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Hey Conor, Well most of the DJ trying this set up do not use the AutoPlay but select the Line In as a music source from the Sonos App. The time that your Sonos system will take to buffer the signal between your two ZP100s will vary depending on your installation, the distance between the Sonos components and the wireless interference. I would recommend in your situation to use a long RCA cable from the S4 to the ZP100 with the speakers and forget about the other one (do not forget to re set up the AutoPlay). I Beatmatch a lot and have a Key/Cue set up on a Midi keyboard and I can not tolerate latency. Send me a diagnostic when everything is set up I will have a look. Thanks.
Hi Pierre,

I have exactly the same problem with my tractor s4.....unable to get rid of this latency. I have set up everything as you mention above and here is my diagnostic number if you could help, i would really appreciate 3265765

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Salut Olivier, 

Thanks for the diagnostic! I see the AutoPlay is on, could you please try to disconnect from the Network and power plug the BRIDGE to see if you still have the issue with the PLAY:5 just as a standalone speaker? 

Then power on the BRIDGE, try again and submit a diagnostic.

As a standalone speaker it should work without latency, can you please confirm this and if it is still there could you please more or less tell me how long it is? Also check what is the Input volume level (select 😎 in the Line In options.

Bonjour Pierre,

Finally the latency desapear by its own after maybe 15 minutes.....for any reason, but it works just fine now :-)

I have the plan to buy another play:5, a sub and a sonos connect......The connect will be plug to my traktor S4. I would like to know if i can do the direct play thing from the connect, in order to "broadcast" the Traktor S4 on the other sonos components wirelessly with no latency ?

If you have any other recommendations for this setup (for private partys @ home) i'm open.

Tu parles français ?

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Salut Olivier, 

Ouais je parle français! But for other users understanding I will continue in english if you don't mind.

Using a CONNECT for this won't be a good idea, you need to limit as much as possible the amount of wireless devices in your set up.

Using one PLAY:5 is fine as it will play directly, a second one in stereo pair will have a really small latency as it will transport the signal wirelessly and buffer the signal to have it playing at the same time.

The more Sonos devices you will add and the longer the distance will be between them, the bigger the chance will be that you will experience some latency in the system.

Two PLAY:5s + SUB is the best I would advise, the latency is almost not noticeable to play with the cues and live effects, and the system is powerful enough to host a proper home party. 

I tried also with 2xPLAY:5 + SUB + 2xPLAY:3s for a bigger place and I ended up playing only with the headset as the latency became too high.

I hope it will help you with your installation, and do not hesitate if you have any questions!

Hi, don't know if this will find anyone after 4 years but lets see. I have the same delay issue, really annoying when the headphones are not in sync with my sonos 5 and traktor scratch pro and Z2...i've tried those room settings but doesnt seem to work. Any other idea has come up in the past 4 years? thanks
No. The delay is inherent to the multi-room design of the Sonos system. I'm afraid the Sonos line-in is just not suitable for any type of live performance.
So even just keeping the 5 and disabling other sonos etc? thats rough... Thx.