How do you turn off Sonos speakers when not in use

  • 14 October 2018
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My wife is bothered by the light and the ongoing power drain. Is there a way to turn it off except by unplugging?

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5 replies

Yes. In the room settings the status light can be turned off. It stays off even when the speaker(s) is in use.
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Sonos is designed to be running all the time, there is no option to shut it off except unplugging it or using an external switch.

A few folks posting here have tried that and with a single Sonos device it isn't too frustrating except for the long boot time that you have to wait through. With multiple Sonos devices you really need to power them on in sequence, about a minute apart to keep the system happy. Sonos will recover from a power failure where they all come up at once but it may take a while as things sort themselves out inside the Sonos mesh.
Note that they do enter a low power mode a few seconds after the music stops.
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Oh, forgot the link to power draws when idle:
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Just turn the status light ? off in settings and let Sonos do it’s thing, like others have said they use less power when not in use.

Moderator Note: To add to the above, if you are wondering how to turn off your Sonos speakers, please be advised that our products are not intended to be switched off. Rather, they are intended to be left on "Standby". To switch a device off completely, you can simply remove it from power altogether. You can click here for information on power consumption of Sonos products when plugged in.