• 14 September 2016
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53 replies

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Lots of good points. But HomePod seems to do the one thing I think is great about Sonos: it streams directly to the device, not via your phone or computer. That's gonna give Sonos a run for their money.

It also does a lot of things that Sonos can't do.

Finally, if the HomePod is successful, you can bet it will eventually come in other shapes and sizes.

If Sonos doesn't start to step up, this could be the beginning of the end for Sonos. (A dire sentiment, but a plausible one.)

I wonder if the Alexa + Sonos solution will change that? My gut feeling is that Apple has not been great at making speakers (don't get me started on Beats!) or even headphones. So if the technology works then they will still be a limited environment not able to serve up the list of music services from competitors. Don't get me wrong - I (and my entire family) use all of Apple's mobile and portable devices.

Best case they will get people who buy without paying much heed... The market is huge, even Bose seems to sell speakers right ?
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Premium and Android don't gel.

Unsupportable opinion.

Especially of you look at longevity of the Sonos speakers (not to speak about their penchant to keep your information). See the list of Apple phones that TruePlay supports - it starts from the 4s!!! Which Android Phone from that era still survives in functional mode today?

TruePlay is easy for Apple due to the lack of variety in models. It's a challenge that the Android ecosystem faces, but it has nothing to do with device quality.

The 4S was sold as recently as mid-2014, but I'm presuming you want to compare against its original launch back at the end of 2011. It's a moot point because 4S support doesn't support the assertion. Premium doesn't mean long lasting in the "smart phone" game. No reasonable person buys the highest end devices with the intent of using them for a decade. The better buy would always be to purchase mid-tier devices on a regular interval. There's not a smart phone being designed with true long term use in mind because it'd be folly.
Being an avid home management/security (15+ years) Apple (10+ years) and SONOS (newbie), I am really interested in integration/interoperability of these 3.

As we know, in the WWDC announcements, HomeKit acknowledge speakers compatibility from a number of speaker suppliers to interface with homekit and airplay2.

I am interested to hopefully see SONOS in this list soon. Perhaps we have the SONOS direct sound option with TruePlay and also an alternate use for the SONOS speakers using AirPlay2 or some higher integration options. We already have access to the speakers through Spotify (a little bit of Apple and orange comparison, I realize) which shows that SONOS recognizes standards and industry leading interfaces are important.

I am looking forward to staying tuned to see what comes next from SONOS in this area of interoperability for us.