Factory reset--Can I just reset one when changing wifi

  • 17 August 2023
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I have 8 Sonos products all first generation (Play1,Play 3,Play 5, Connect  etc)  as well as one Sonos 1 speaker. I use a Sonos 1 Controller and am satisfied. My Sonos 1 was reconfigured so I can use my Sonos 1 Controller.  My wifi was recently changed and my question is: If I factory reset all my speakers except for the Sonos 1, when I get connected to the new wifi can I then add the Sonos 1 without having to factory reset it. I ask this because I think if I factory reset the Sonos 1 it will revert back to it’s original configuration (which will not work with my Sonos 1 Controller. Please advise.

8 replies

I’m a little confused with your statement. Have you Factory Reset anything at this point? I hope not. Refrain from Factory Reset without further consult because you will simply be wasting time.

Are any of your SONOS units wired to the network? 

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Why would you want to reset the Sonos One?

Factory resetting does nothing that a simple reboot will not do, except erasing important diagnostic and account data.


Or even just do https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=new+wifi+on+my+sonos


Why oh why do people think that a factory reset is necessary for this? I haven’t reset my entire system ever, and that’s in nearly 16 years. 

It should be renamed to ‘destructive reset’ instead.

It should be noted that a factory reset does not change the firmware version installed on your speakers.  OPs Sonos One will not suddenly revert to S2 when you do a factory reset.


But absolutely agree, factory reset is not the correct method for switching to a new WiFi network.

Thanks for all your comments. As mentioned, I would never do a factory reset unless all did not work and I have not done that yet.  I have 2 Sonos systems in 2 different locations. Both have 8 Sonos speakers. When I switched wifi providers in one location there were no issues. It was in a single home. The 2nd location- the one I am questioning- is in a condominium and the building has a master 5G Home internet fibre optic system router/modem(for lack of a better word)  and each apartment has a ‘gizmo’ that has its own password and picks up the signal from the master. I was told that I could plug the ethernet cable into the ‘gizmo’ but it did not work. I will try again when I arrive there in Oct .. No need to respond as until I know the proper terminology it is difficult to help. I will contact the wifi provider for that. Thanks for your help.