Era 300 Wall mount plasterboard wall

Hi Sonos community,

Anyone having issues to install the Sonos official wall mount in a plasterboard wall?
I drilled and installed a wall plug but the screws included with the kit won’t stop twisting… The Sonos Era 300 haven’t arrived yet but I tested with a similar weight and not feeling very confident as you can see the wall mount coming off a bit from the wall…

Any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


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Get some proper (Fischer) plasterboard fixing and screws.  The ones that come with the mounts are made of cheese.

The quality and condition of plasterboard varies greatly. Some contractors use absolutely wimpy materials. The anchors supplied with the speakers may not be appropriate for your plasterboard. Most hardware stores stock a variety of fasteners, each designed for a slightly different situation. I recommend using a type that expands and grips the wall from behind. Also, a given fastener is designed for a range of wall thickness.

If you have a “stud finder”, try to find a stud in a appropriate location.

The Era 300 wall mount description page specifically states that they must be drilled into studs.  They are NOT to be used with wallboard type anchors.

Stud mounting only (not for drywall)

Thanks all, I’ll give it a go with the recommended Fischer wall plugs and update here.

Thanks all, I’ll give it a go with the recommended Fischer wall plugs and update here.


That’s not the recommendation of the manufacturer at all.  The official statement is the mounts are to be drilled into studs, no wallboard fasteners allowed.  You are risking damaging your speakers, not to mention creating big holes in your wall where the heavy speakers are going to pull out the wallboard fasteners like a cork out of a bottle.  

Oh! I was thinking about generic speaker mounts and did not check the details of this mount. As this is a single point mount, I don’t recommend drywall mounting. High quality 5/8” drywall in excellent condition might work out, but I wouldn’t risk it.