Era 300 - need immediate help with stereo pair imaging

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Hello!   I am at the end of my trial period for a pair of Era 300s.  In a nut shell I really like them (using Apple Music). BUT I am getting ear fatigue as I think it’s due to the pair competing with each other. And I cannot get the imaging to balance out. What I mean is the only way to experience a center stage for vocals is sitting dead center between the pair, just like old school audiophile days. However, I tend to sit on either end of my living room sofa.


I’ve done Trueplay multiple times, as well as place the speakers in different parts of the room. Note, I have high ceilings on half of the living room. And I’ve placed the speakers about 7 feet apart at an angle to the sofa, in order for both speaker to have the same ceiling height (You can see two pictures where I’ve experimented with speaker placement).


I’ve spoken with Sonos support several times, and they’ve mainly stated Sonos removed the L/R Balance adjustment on Era 300s because of Spatial Audio. :(  They didn’t offer much more ideas sadly…


I find one single Era 300 does not give me ear fatigue, though it’s certainly not the same room filling experience. I also have a pair of old Sonus Fabers which are much better, but will require something like an NAD C700 to get close to the Sonos convenience benefit.


Q: To achieve what I’m desiring, would a pair of Era 100s and a sub-mini be a better fit? Any other suggestions? I think the 5s may work but would need to be vertical position and of course I lose latest tech and voice control.

I really need some timely help here.

Thank you!

Michael Amir



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The hum is quiet but there when nothing is being played. So maybe not feedback as such then. From memory of my old 80's set up, it is different to feedback. So would an isolation block not make any difference to this? 

Isolation will only affect hum if it accidentally spaces the turntable closer to or farther from the source of hum. First do the arm movement test. 

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Hey all. Any ideas on how to pre filter music to find tracks that are lossless?  For example I use Apple Music and ask for artist, song, genre, etc. However, lossless only shows once that song starts playing. The “problem” is there could be multiple search results for that song or album, and I cannot see which is lossless until after I select that song to play. 

I don’t know if Amazon music using Sonos app does similarly or if I’m missing a hidden Sonos app trick.